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It all started when a handbag addict bought a red Indian leather handbag from a Pretoria boutique.Two weeks later the boutique called to say she had won a prize: another red Indian leather bag.

She was ecstatic, and then she became depressed: the boutique had run out of Indian bags and she needed a black one. And a blue one. And a brown one. Possibly a green one, and also an extra large one with an elephant design.  For months she surfed the internet: ebay, bidorbuy, Indian handbag manufacturers, she tried them all. Then she met Gaurav. Oh joy, oh rapture, he had exactly what she wanted, but she had to order a minimum of 100 items. What could a girl do? She went home, announced that she had ordered 100 handbags from India and gave her husband sugar water for the shock.

 🙄  Watch this space

Note from Basil Booysen:  In my 75th year I made this website with love for my daughter, Marianne, the driving force behind 100handbags.  I must hasten to add that this project would not have been possible without the assistance, guidance and tutorials of that IT wizard, Chrisjan Botha of Bover Technologies in George, to whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude.  He comes very highly recommended for his invaluable technical skills and excellent service.








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