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Our genuine leather handbags are made by craftsmen using age-old methods and tools from an era when each product was valued as an artwork. The leather is washed and cold embossed and the intricate designs are hand painted, using colourful spirit dyes to give an individual feel to every handbag.
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The process is done completely by hand.  Right from the embossing to the construction and stitching of bags, every step uses the simplest hand tools.
Craftsmen are trained as apprentices from an early age and acquire the skills as they work.
The majority of our products are made of goatskin.  Prices vary.
Our products are made by artists. Sometimes this may mean that we only have one handbag of a kind, because we believe every girl deserves a beautiful handbag.
Prices vary from R300 to R1000.

Our luxurious suede handbags are from Kashmir and embroidered by men!

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