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100 handbags (‘100handsakke’) started as a wonderful journey after a handbag lover bought an Indian leather handbag and was ecstatic when she won another one. She immediately searched for more, but none was available. She persisted, which led to months of searching the web until she found an Indian manufacturer of hand-made genuine leather handbags, entered into negotiations, made a trip to India (the first of several) and ordered her first 100 handbags.

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She discovered that there was a huge demand for these genuine leather Indian handbags, hand-made by craftsmen using age-old methods and tools from an era when each product was valued as a work of art. On her visits to India she also found that the leather used to create these handbags is washed and cold-embossed, that the unique, creative and intricate designs are hand-painted, using colourful dyes to give an original feel to each and every handbag.

In due course she met more Indian handbag manufacturers personally and regularly ordered new stock with new designs as the business grew more successful.

The business expanded from focusing on handbags to importing genuine leather purses, backpacks, tablet covers and even piggy banks, all of which serve as ideal gifts and are included in the product line.

All handbag lovers know that a meticulously hand-made genuine leather handbag, with bold colours of a unique design and pattern, makes a unique statement and provides an exclusive style with a personality of its own.

Scroll through these website pages, take a good look at the products and join in the fun by buying your first 100handbags product today. Information on how to contact us is provided. We look forward to the pleasure of meeting you!

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